About Project Brays

(UPDATE:  On June 12, 2018, Harris County Commissioners Court awarded a $4,983,497 construction contract to Harper Brothers Construction for a project to replace the bridge over Brays Bayou at Forest Hill Boulevard. On June 12, Commissioners Court also approved an agreement with the City of Houston that will expedite funding to modify other Brays Bayou bridge projects. (This agreement now goes to the Houston City Council for consideration.) A project to replace bridges at Telephone Road, Lawndale Street and South 75thStreet is in design. Negotiations continue with Cobb Fendley & Associates Inc. for engineering design, bidding and construction phase services for a project to replace bridges at South Rice Avenue and Chimney Rock Road. Construction bids received June 11 are under review for a project to modify Brays Bayou from upstream of South Rice Avenue to upstream of Fondren Road.)

Construction Activities Update

As of March 2018

Ongoing Construction

Project Segment Start* Finish* Construction Cost (approximate)
Channel Section Upstream Buffalo Speedway to S. Rice 11 (of 12) July 24, 2017 3rd Quarter 2018 $11,300,000
Control Structure Connecting Willow Waterhole Basin DS 207 June 19, 2017 3rd Quarter 2018 $11,700,000
Total $23,000,000


Project Segments Complete Total % Complete Excavation Complete
Eldridge Road Basin 9 (of 9) 100% 8,749,432 cy
Old Westheimer Basin 3 (of 3) 100% 642,306 cy
Arthur Storey Park Basin 12 (of 12) 100% 6,753,880 cy
Willow Waterhole Basin 7 (of 7) 100% 5,478,282 cy
Channel Modifications 10 (of 12) 83% 2,129,334 cy
Bridges 14 (of 32) 44% N/A
Total 23,726,382 cy
Total Spent to Date $350,000,000

Under Design

Project Segment Start* Finish* Estimated Cost
Galveston RR Bridge 15 (of 32) 2nd Quarter 2018 2nd Quarter 2018 $2,000,000
Forest Hill and Buffalo Speedway Bridges 16 & 17 (of 32) 2nd Quarter 2018 2nd Quarter 2019 $7,000,000
Channel Modifications, S. Rice to Fondren 12 (of 12) 3rd Quarter 2018 3rd Quarter 2019 $12,000,000
Calhoun Bridge (TXDOT) 18 of 32 3rd Quarter 2018 2nd Quarter 2019 $4,000,000
Total $25,000,000

*Note: construction schedule is anticipated and subject to change.