Brays Bayou Marsh

The Brays Bayou Marsh is approximately 3.5 acres of wetland that simultaneously provides a habitat for native plants and wildlife. In the event of heavy rainfall, this freshwater tidal marsh has been modified to catch stormwater runoff and improve water quality by removing pollutants when entering the main channel.

During construction, the Harris County Flood Control District took this opportunity to educate local students on the importance of wetlands in their community. Joining forces with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Sea Grant, these students were able to restore the bayou and aid in conserving wetland scenery by fostering native plants until they were stable enough to be transplanted to the Brays Bayou Marsh.

Since its completion in 2006, the community and project partners continue to plant new vegetation as an ongoing effort to preserve the habitat. The Brays Bayou Marsh has now become part of a pilot project for all future wetland areas in Harris County.

Download the Brays Bayou Marsh at Mason Park Layout