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Water Resources Development Act

WRDA: An Acronym That Means Relief for Thousands of Harris County Homeowners

The Federal Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) was signed into law in 1996. Section 211(f) authorized non-federal agencies, such as the Harris County Flood Control District, to undertake major flood damage reduction projects with federal funding assistance. The District will be eligible for the same amount of federal dollars but will manage the projects with a higher degree of local control. The funding assistance is in the form of reimbursements for approved and completed projects.

Expanding Partnerships

The District views this as an enormous increase in the capability of our partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This approach to project implementation allows the strengths of both agencies to bring about faster construction of flood damage reduction projects. Several federal projects are under development through this new law. The benefits are already evident!

The Bottom Line

This plan means that tens of thousands of homes and businesses will have a substantially reduced risk of flooding and will realize that reduced risk sooner than in years past.