HOUSTON, September 26, 2019 – The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) is already seeing positive benefits of the recently completed work in the Willow Water Hole Detention Basin. While this week’s storms wreaked havoc on much of the area, there was no structural flooding on Landsdowne Drive in Westbury along the Willow Water Hole Bayou thanks to that work.

This area received 2.08 inches of rain in one hour. The rapid flood waters raised 8.93 feet in two hours and 22 minutes in the Willow Water Hole Bayou. The elevated flow entered the basins through the new weir structures and provided 200 to 300 ac-ft of detention during the rain event. There was a 7.62-foot water surface elevation difference between upstream of Willow Water Hole Detention Basin and downstream which helped a lot of homes throughout the watershed. The Willow Water Hole Bayou enters Brays Bayou downstream of 610. Another indication that the work along Project Brays is not only necessary, but beneficial as well and there will be more positive outcomes as the work continues and is ultimately completed.

Four bridges are currently under construction with nine more bridges scheduled to be replaced over the next two years. Residents along the Willow Water Hole Detention Basin and Project Brays in general should remain vigilant about flood warnings but should also feel good about the progress being made to reduce flood damage.