HOUSTON, March 13, 2020 – Beginning this week, the Harris County Flood Control District will be demolishing three recently purchased properties located in the southwest neighborhood of Westbury to build shallow swales to improve the flow of stormwater into the nearby Willow Waterhole Bayou.

A swale is a long, gently sloping, landscaped depression that collects stormwater when it rains and directs the excess overflow of water into the bayou drainage network.

“The soon-to-be-installed swales will minimize street flooding in the neighborhood and help to improve local drainage during heavy rainfall events,” said Matt Zeve, Deputy Executive Director for the Harris County Flood Control District. “The properties will be transformed into environmentally-friendly flood risk mitigation projects for the benefit of the entire neighborhood.”

The properties where the new swales will be installed are adjacent to the Willow Waterhole Bayou at:

5747 Cartagena Street,

5638 Ludington Drive, and

5730 Ludington Drive

These homes were prime candidates for this project because they are located on the lowest points of their streets, which is where stormwater wants to go during heavy rain events and they were for sale on the open market.  Additionally, this project will complement the City of Houston’s upcoming capital improvement efforts in Westbury to reduce street flooding by upgrading the neighborhood drainage system.   

“This project, funded by 2018 flood bond, is an important step in helping Westbury and Harris County become more resilient communities,” said Commissioner Rodney Ellis. “Every neighborhood should have the same level of protection during severe weather and Precinct One will continue to advocate for projects that reduce flooding and keep families safe.”

“The flood bond has given Harris County the local flexibility to equitably prioritize projects based on protecting the greatest number of families, not on federal formulas or property values. Without funding from the flood bond, this project and many more like it might not be possible,” added Commissioner Ellis.

Contractors will be starting demolition and swale installation on Monday.  While appropriate precautions to minimize disruptions will be taken, motorists should be aware of potential traffic interruptions and children and pets should be kept at a safe distance from the project sites. News media interested in covering the progress of the projects should contact 346-286-4027 or robert.lazaro@hcfcd.hctx.net.

About The Harris County Flood Control District

The Harris County Flood Control District provides flood damage reduction projects that work, with appropriate regard for community and natural values. With more than 1,500 bayous and creeks totaling approximately 2,500 miles in length, the Flood Control District accomplishes its mission by devising flood damage reduction plans, implementing the plans and maintaining the infrastructure. For more information about the Flood Control District, visit www.hcfcd.org or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @HCFCD for all the latest #HCFCDnews.