About Project Brays

The Partners

HCFCD and the Corps: A Powerful Partnership

Designed to reduce the risks associated with future flooding along Brays Bayou, Project Brays includes the cooperative effort between the Harris County Flood Control District  (HCFCD) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and also incorporates local initiatives.

Historically, one of HCFCD's primary functions has been to serve as the local partner for Corps' projects. In fact, five major bayous and two large detention basins within the county were built with Corps leadership and HCFCD sponsorship. Over time, as the population and needs of Harris County have grown, HCFCD has taken on a more complex role - a role with partnerships and capabilities that have grown significantly.

With the Federal Water Resources Development Act of 1996, local sponsors now have the opportunity to take the lead in three federal flood damage reduction projects within Harris County. As a result, HCFCD is taking on more of a leadership role in federal projects that reduce the risk of flooding in Harris County. In fact, Project Brays is the first project in the United States to be implemented with this new role and is the largest project HCFCD has ever managed.

This powerful partnership allows HCFCD to work hand-in-hand with the federal government and combines the strengths of both agencies to bring flood damage reduction benefits to the community more quickly.

The roles of the Corps and HCFCD on Project Brays are:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: The Corps' role in Project Brays is oversight and monitoring of planning, design and construction according to federal rules, regulations and guidelines. The Corps reimburses HCFCD for the federal share of design and construction costs as approved project components are completed.

> U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Harris County Flood Control District: HCFCD leads the planning, design and construction of Project Brays. HCFCD pays for right-of-way acquisition, bridge and utility adjustments, and soil disposal areas. Additionally, HCFCD provides front-end financing for planning, design and construction until reimbursed by the Corps.