South Rice Ave FAQs

What is being done to the bridge?

The current bridges will be demolished and replaced with higher, longer and wider bridges. Segments of the bridges will remain open to commuter and pedestrian traffic during the construction period, with temporary lane closures to the North and Southbound lanes as the bridges are being reconstructed.

The South Rice Bridge is included in the Project Brays flood reduction program to widen the channel and reduce the risk of flooding. Increasing the capacity of the channel will allow for more floodwaters to flow throughout Brays Bayou into the Houston Ship Channel. Project Brays is a federal and local partnership with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and is estimated to cost $480 million to complete.

Yes. All bridges reconstructed as part of Project Brays will be in accordance with the Project Brays design. The bridge will incorporate two sets of architectural piers supporting the expanded bridge deck with the street name displayed on the side of the bridge.

Yes. The new bridge will be higher, longer, and wider to allow a larger volume of water to flow under more freely.

No. This project was initiated to widen the channel and reduce the risk of flooding.

No. Although Project Brays will reduce the risk of flooding along Brays Bayou, the risk of flooding will remain. Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) recommends that everyone in Harris County have flood insurance to insure against the possibility of personal and financial loss. Visit to see estimated future flood plains and view the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR Map).

Construction will begin in Winter 2020/2021 and is projected to last one year. Construction schedules may be extended due to unplanned events.

Please contact Project Brays at 346-286-4820 or You can also visit if you have more concerns or questions.